Solar Panel Powered Water Well

The solar powered water wells are installed and in full use in 10-12 weeks after the donation is received,
our surveyors team and partners who carry out the feasibility checks of each solar powered water wells before commencing

Up to 4000 beneficiaries can have safe and clean water from these wells daily.

The installation includes a solar submersible pump and a water storage tank and taps for the local to acces the clean water.

A platform is also made from which animals can drink water and any waste water is drained to supply to plants nearby.

The wells are installed in isolated and rulers areas of Tharparkar District.

The Depth of pumps start from 300+ feet, depending on the area

The solar powered water wells
has no electricity cost as it solar powered system which has a long operating life, and is durable, reliable, easy to operate.

The solar powered water wells are serviced every 8 weeks by our local team and partners