Solar Powered Water Plant Unit in Tarparker ,Sindh

Solar Powered Water Plant Unit in Tarparker ,Sindh

💦 WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE Oppening Of Our latest Eco friendly and solar powered CLEAN WATER PLANT and Community centre IS NOW UP AND RUNNING 💦

On this Blessed day we are thrilled to announce the opening of our latest solar Powered water plant unit in Tarparker ,Sindh

A special thanks to our generous donor IBADAH TOURS UK

This facility will allow clean and safe water to be accessible by the entire community, including school children.

A life saving gift to those less fortunate in Sindh,Pakistan.

Get involved and give #thatlittlebitmore or call 0207-305-5613

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Your donation will aid victims of disasters, conflict, poverty, disease, and economic hardships.

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