As the cold winter approaches, many children and families will be without warm clothes, food and shelter.

Your donations made a huge difference to hundreds of children families last year.

£20 will provide a blanket,warm cloth , safe footwear,

£50 will provide warm blankets, food for a family to help them through winter

£100 will provide warm blankets for a family,gas heater, clothes for a family, essential food for a month

As little as £20 can keep a whole family warm. Please donate generously again this winter.

Without warm clothes, hot food and warm homes, winter is a fight for survival. For those refugees living in unimaginable poverty, facing famine and conflict, the sub-zero temperatures and icy conditions around the world leave them fearing for their lives. In winter, impoverished communities are more vulnerable than ever, living without essential items that could help them survive through the winter.

Donate now and help us make this a winter of Life. many who were living on the edge of poverty. Without adequate protection and food to remain healthy, people are at more risk than ever before. Millions of people are struggling to put food on the table, let alone have suitable clothing or heating, to help them survive this year. This winter could be their last.

This winter, more than ever, people need your help to stay warm, safe and alive.

Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an that:

‘Whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity’ [Qur’an 5:32]