SAMR Trust Hospital

In addition to providing humanitarian relief services, SAMR Trust aims to invest in long-term projects such as establishing a hospital that meets the needs the local community equipped with a specialist Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre – the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Located in the famous North Eastern city of Sialkot, against the backdrop of Jammu Kashmir mountains is a rapidly growing village population of Ladhar with a population nearing 10,000 people. Surrounding it are many similar villages such as Hundal and Guwenki with mixed young and elderly populations. There are thousands of poor families in this region lacking basic without access to quality and low cost medical services. Many are dependent on the SAMR Trust Family Medicine clinic. There are currently no rural hospitals or clinics with adequate facilities within a 20km diameter radius. It is for this reason that SAMR Trust aims to establish a hospital in the rural areas of Sialkot.


The basic design of the hospital has been based on local needs and expert advice. The hospital setup will be that of a small General Hospital with a 30-bed in-patient capacity, Accident & Emergency Centre and outpatient facilities. Administrative personnel of the hospital will be local staff from Sialkot along with Specialist Medical Team overseeing the medical aspects of the hospital.

Staff will include Surgeons, Physicians, Nursing staff, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, and Radiographers with regular clinical visits by UK NHS and European staff. The highly skilled foreign staff will provide both treatment and training during their visits. Accident and Emergency Department The A&E department will provide the treatment and management of all major and minor traumas as well as general medical emergencies. Imaging modalities such as, MRI and CT scans, X-ray, Ultra-sound, ECG machines are all expected to be available as well basic blood analysis apparatus.

Patients will be treated and stabilised before being transferred to the in-patient wards or to larger tertiary or General Hospitals. The Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre will specialize in neurological rehabilitation for patients suffering from neurological disorders or recovering from acute brain injury. Our specialised Medical and trained rehabilitation therapists will initially provide a thorough assessment before developing a structured treatment programme unique to your needs. Treatment programmes may include:

  • Improving standing and quality of walking
  • Strengthening and Balance exercises
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Re-educating normal movement patterns and Stretching
  • Offering guidance and advice to family and carers

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