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We are an international organization striving to relieve the suffering of humanity caused by natural disasters, wars or poverty undertaken different projects to improve their life.

SAMR Trust is a UK registered charity established to promote the quality of life and wellbeing of people in the United Kingdom and abroad.

SAMR Trust excels in supporting projects that promote or assist in improving educational, health care and clean drinking water facilities.

SAMR Trust also provides help to equip poor and disadvantaged individuals with the skills that can assist them in coping better with their circumstances. These include joint projects such as socio-economic enterprises, family planning clinics, female education and empowerment and investing and supporting local start-up projects.






We are a charity focussed on human empowerment. We believe strongly in supporting people so that they can manage independently all aspects of their lives. Our work has targeted four main areas including medical and healthcare, education, social enterprise and clean drinking water.

Irrespective of race or religion we have served people for over 15 years making SAMR Trust a respected name worldwide. We work closely with local authorities to ensure that we have their support in order to make our projects more successful. We urge our readers to join hands with us and help those less fortunate than ourselves.


Our Basic aim is to develop long term projects for the provision of basic living needs for poor, less fortunate and less able to meet their basic needs. We also provide relief in emergencies situations such as public health outbreaks, natural disasters including earthquakes, flooding, famine and drought.

  1. Medical Services: Providing high standard of basic medical care and family planning services.
  2. Education: Assisting women and children in their education costs.
  3. Water Filtration plants: Clean WHO standard clean water drinking facilities.
  4. Food Packages and Social Welfare: Donations of food gift packages consisting of flour, grains and meat to serve a typical family for up to one month.

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