Clean Water Project in Tarparker Sindh Pakistan

On this blessed day We are delighted to announce the successful opening of our latest Eco friendly and solar powered water plant and community centre in TARPARKER, SINDH Pakistan.

This Plant and centre was generously donated by
Mrs Raqia Bi and Mohammad Shafi
May Allah swat bless them and there family Ameen

Millions of people are still deprived access to clean water, learn how you can work with SAMR Trust to change that!

Make a difference today by donating towards a Water Filteration plant with a plaque named after yourself or your loved ones

A life saving gift to those less fortunate in Sindh,Pakistan

Support & Donate at or call 0207-305-5613

100% Donation Policy

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Your donation will aid victims of disasters, conflict, poverty, disease, and economic hardships.

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